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Why Green Cleaning Is Important

Choosing environmentally friendly cleaning products and procedures has a huge positive impact on the environment, employee and client health and safety in your building. With the right planning, your cleaning methods can both save time and money, and improve wellness and increase productivity. With Apple Maintenance Services, a LEED-certified company, choosing green cleaning is simple.( LEED Green)

Health benefits

Green products are made from non-toxic, organic ingredients, which protects the health of everyone in your workspace.

Indoor air quality

Green cleaning leaves no trace of toxic fumes in the air and no strong scents, leading to improved indoor air quality on a permanent basis.

Cost savings

Green cleaning practices, products and equipment tend to be less costly than standard methods and chemicals. Plus, the improved health of your workers results in fewer sick days and greater productivity.

Environmental benefits

Going green not only benefits everyone who access your facilities, it also has an effect on the environment as a whole: green cleaning prevents pollution and the release of dangerous substances into water supplies.When your employees know that you are taking steps to be more responsible,they'll be even more proud to belong to the company.


In my twenty years of working for Yonkers, Apple Maintenance is by far the best janitorial contractor we have had. I look forward to working with them again.

JOE City of Yonkers

On behalf of all of us at SOCSD, we would like to thank you and your family and staff for the unbelievable service you provide to our District. The re-opening of our schools has been a long and complicated road, but with your services we are confident we will be on the safe path to opening day.

CANDACE South Orangetown Central School District

Once again, I am forwarding another compliment on how Apple Maintenance is handling this building and is impressing the staff here with their dedication and hard work.

JUSTIN South Orangetown Central School District

The Store Team and I appreciate all of your efforts! The store looks absolutely beautiful! Please thank all of your associates and subcontractors for their hard work.


I cannot thank Apple Maintenance enough for these many years of service. I enjoyed working with all of you guys. I hope in the near future we will work together again and I mean that.

THOMAS Westchester County Department of Public Works & Transportation

Just wanted to tell you how amazing the Apple cleaning group has been.. Throughout the pandemic, the whole group has been excellent with keeping our section clean and sanitized.

ERIC ConEdison

Just want to say thank you for the work on the muster room, I don't believe it's been that clean in a very long time. The team did a great job.

JOE ConEdison

We sincerely appreciate your gratuitous disinfecting of our affected member's household. Your kindness going 'the extra mile' in these challenging times means more than words can express.