Why Green Cleaning is Important

Cleaning products and procedures have a huge impact on the environment, employee and client health, and the safety in your building. With the right planning, your cleaning methods can save you time and money, improve wellness and increase productivity. With Apple Maintenance Services, a LEED-certified company, green cleaning is the right way to go.

Health benefits

Green products are made from non-toxic, organic ingredients, meaning no one’s health is ever put at risk. This is certainly good news for your janitorial staff but also for anyone in the vicinity while cleaning is taking place.

Indoor air quality

Green cleaning leaves no trace of toxic fumes in the air and no strong scents, leading to higher indoor air quality on a permanent basis.

Cost savings

Green cleaning practices, products, and equipment tend to be far less costly than standard methods and chemicals. Plus, the improved health of your workers results in fewer sick days and greater productivity.

Environmental benefits

Going green not only benefits everyone who accesses your facilities, it also has an effect on the environment as a whole: green cleaning prevents the release of dangerous substances into water supplies and prevents pollution. When your employees know that you are taking steps to be more responsible, they’ll be even more proud to belong to the company.

At Apple Maintenance Services, Inc. we create customized programs to meet your needs, using environmentally-friendly techniques, products, and tools. Contact us for more information about how we can help you.